Family Law in Edmonton

Family Law Services in Edmonton, Alberta

When family issues get out of control and it is necessary to take legal action, it is hard to know who to trust. The outcome of a family legal proceeding can mean extreme changes for you and your family's lives. With so many lawyers offering family law services, it is hard to know who to trust with such an important responsibility.

Child Support, Visitation Rights, & More

At Verhaeghe Law Office, our team of professional, experienced and knowledgeable lawyers is here to make sure that your legal proceedings go smoothly. We care about our clients, and this type of care and attention to detail is what has allowed Verhaeghe Law Office to continuously serve Edmonton families for many years. We have many repeat clients, and believe that good quality service is what determines a good lawyer. We have the knowledge and expertise that it takes to succeed in many areas of law and have years of experience in and out of courtrooms. The following are some areas that we have in depth knowledge and experience in:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Child support
  • Visitation rights
  • Annulments
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abduction
  • Adoption rights (same sex and foreign couples)
  • Surrogacy issues
  • Paternity and fraud testing

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

When you contact our Edmonton area office, the first thing we will do is ask to meet in person so that we can get a good idea of your personal case. We care to foster a trusting relationship with you. This is why you should be as open and honest with your lawyer as possible. This will provide your lawyer with the necessary information they need to formulate a proper plan of action to defend your claims. Keeping pertinent information from your lawyer will make their job difficult and will only hinder your chances of success during the proceedings. Make sure that you are as detailed as possible with your lawyer so that they have the whole picture. They may ask you questions which seem very personal in nature and may upset you, but you must trust that they have your best interest in mind.

Divorce Help

During the legal proceedings, we will keep you aware every step of the way. We are honest and strategic in our methods, we will tell you exactly what you need to know to give you the peace of mind you need during a difficult time like a family law case.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that may arise. We expect to answer many during a difficult time like this, so don't be shy. Any lawyer that has your best interest in mind will be happy to answer all of your questions, and this is surely the care with our Edmonton staff. If you or your family is undergoing and of the above-mentioned scenarios, call us at Verhaeghe Law Office. You can trust that we are here to put in the work and defend your claim. Your family is our number one priority!

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