Divorce Lawyer in Stony Plain

Are you looking for a divorce and family law specialist in Stony Plain? Look no further than Verhaeghe Law Offices. With over 50 years of practice, our mission to provide superior legal advice and representation has allowed us to help many families come to agreements in tough situations.

Divorce is ranked as one of the top five stressful things that can happen in one’s life. It not only affects couples but when children are involved, it affects them as well.

Before beginning any divorce proceedings, get in touch with divorce lawyers who are on your side, with compassion, knowledge, and experience. Give Verhaeghe Law Offices a call today.

What Direction Could My Divorce Go In?

We all fear the long and drawn out, emotionally draining divorce. But, there are a few different directions divorce can head in, not all bad.


While rare, annulments do happen. This is a fast process and will legally reverse your marriage as if it never happened. To be qualified for an annulment you must be one of the following:

  • Married to someone who’s already married
  • Part of a shotgun marriage
  • Without the mental capacity to understand marriage
  • Married to a close relative
  • Part of an un-consummated marriage
  • Under the age of consent when married
  • Unaware your marriage was a real marriage

Uncontested Divorce

When filing for divorce, an uncontested divorce is the dream situation. Both parties must be at a full agreement in regard to wanting to separate. They must agree on what they will be doing with properties, as well as children. And, there must be no expectation for support or alimony payments.

To begin an uncontested divorce, you must already have been separated for six months or more.

Contested Divorce

During contested divorce is when you are really going to need divorce lawyers to back you up. In Stony Plain, you won’t do any better than Verhaeghe Law Offices. Our team knows the law and has helped hundreds of clients just like yourself to come out the other end of a divorce feeling satisfied, and free.

We Cover all the Details

There’s a lot to be taken into consideration when you’re entering into the divorce process. Prenuptial agreements, property and finance division, as well as child custody.

At Verhaeghe Law Offices, we never miss a thing. And, we take the time to provide personalized services that ensure you’re comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.

Start the Divorce Process

It’s never easy to start filing for divorce, but it is sometimes necessary. At Verhaeghe Law Offices, we understand that you’ve already got enough on your plate without having to deal with the fine print as well.

Let us handle the tough stuff. Let us fight for your needs and get the most beneficial results for you. Especially when it comes to child custody, it’s important to have the right team on your side.

If you’re looking for legal advice, or are ready to start your divorce process in Stony Plain, give us a call today.