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Committing to a marriage is an enormous proposition. Unfortunately, not everybody is ready when they take this step, and sometimes a marriage can dissolve and when this happens, a divorce can usually be sought. When it comes to matters of divorce, having the matter handled quickly, and as efficiently in possible is important so that both parties can go back to living their lives as soon as possible. With Verhaeghe & Boisvert Law Office, Leduc residents have a lawyer that has extensive experience both inside and outside of the courtroom.

The Grounds for Divorce

In the eyes of the law, there are three ways for a marriage to legally dissolve:

  1. Adultery - in the case of an unfaithful spouse, divorce can be claimed. The unfaithful spouse is not eligible to apply for the divorce in this circumstance, and in instances of adultery there is no mandatory separation period. Proceedings can commence immediately but the instance of infidelity must be proven in the Court of Queen’s Bench to a Justice or admitted to by the offending spouse.
  2. Cruelty - cruelty in this sense can encompass mental or physical cruelty. The cruelty does not need to be recurrent. Only one instance is necessary for the affronted spouse to file for divorce. The cruelty, like adultery, does need to be proven to be severe enough as to preclude cohabitation.
  3. Separation - for living apart to effectively end a marriage, the spouses must have lived apart for more than a year without reconciling for more than 90 days during that period. There are circumstances where both parties can live under the same roof during separation.

A Compassionate Partner

Divorces are unpleasant and having them finalized and done with as soon as possible is important for the peace of mind of both parties. At Verhaeghe & Boisvert, Leduc residents have a lawyer that is compassionate, and experienced. We will guide you through every step to make the process as painless as possible.

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