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Verhaeghe Law Office Divorce Law in Beaumont AB

Going through a divorce is not an easy process. It takes a toll on you both emotionally and financially. Verhaeghe Law Office in Beaumont AB has a dedicated legal team who does their best to provide you with the finest services available.

We will guide you through the proper divorce proceedings and work hard to ensure success. We are not merely about loss and gain or speedy legalities. Unlike other firms, Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers wholeheartedly care about clients and want the best for them.

We Handle All Divorce Related Issues

Getting a divorce is traumatic enough, you don't need to add pressure to an already stressful situation with inconsequential particulars. We take care of all the superfluous details, fine print and other minor legitimacies so you can concentrate on getting your life back on track!

Verhaeghe Law Office takes care of Beaumont AB clients, we make sure that you know what you are signing off on and keep you informed on your divorce law rights.

Types of Beaumont AB Divorce Cases and Issues

Whether you are fighting for child custody/visitation rights or looking for asset allocation; our highly effective team of attorneys will do you justice. Our divorce Law department covers just about every type of Marriage issue, including:

  • No Fault Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Visitation Rights
  • Separation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Spousal Support
  • Marital Assets and Debts

Primary Issues We Can Help You With

Some of the principal issues to discuss with your divorce attorney has to do with what you want to attain from this separation. When you book a consultation with Verhaeghe Law Office, we make it a priority to delve right into prevalent issues. Ones that are in need of a swift settlement; like: allocation, debt and more importantly, if you have children; their welfare.

Coming up with child care arrangements like cost and support are hard to do on your own. We'll factor in the expenses and payment deadline for alimony so that you are not left short changed in court.

Another key issue is debt and marital assets. We can answer all your questions concerning, mortgage payments, the selling and distributing of property and spousal support. The best thing to do, before consulting with us; would be to draw up a checklist that includes your mutual financial information. Our attorneys will assist you in properly identifying your account details such as shared marital dues like credit cards, loans and other debt.

Contact Us for Tidy and Swift Divorce Proceedings

Divorce cases are complicated but our Beaumont AB, Verhaeghe Law Office will help you to prepare for what can be extensive and tiresome proceedings. We make sure to go through the details of your divorce case and are careful to not leave anything out of the process. Our practice hires only the most informed, effective and efficient staff. All of our lawyers are professional, consistent and reliable, you'll be in good hands.

Contact us today to discuss booking a consultation with our firm.

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