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No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce. Unfortunately, many struggling couples often find the dissolution of their marriages to be their best and only option. If and when you choose to end your marriage, you're left scrambling to comprehend the many issues associated with divorce on the fly. As your knowledge of such issues is vital to you securing the kind on outcomes that you're hoping for with your divorce proceedings, you can't afford to overlook them. You need legal resources that are able to give you that knowledge and more. That's something we here at the Verhaeghe Law Office are happy to provide.

What We Do For Divorcing Couples

Whether absence, adultery, or abuse has given you grounds to seek a divorce in Edmonton, we stand ready to assist you in preparing and carrying out your divorce proceedings. Like most separating couples, you'll likely be surprised by the number of divorce law issues you may be forced to deal with. Among these are:

  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Parental relocation

If you're trying to escape an abusive spouse, we can help you there as well. We'll represent you in filing a restraining order against your ex, ensuring that both you, your children, and your extended family are protected from his or her anger.

We'll Get Through This Together

The end of your marriage can be a difficult time filled with emotion, stress, and concern. That last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you're aptly represented. When you choose us here at the Verhaeghe Law Office to be your divorce lawyers, you can sleep soundly knowing that someone else is fighting for your best interests. Our experience in handling divorce cases in and around Edmonton will work to your benefit as you strive to reach the resolution that's right for you. To get started in discussing the details of your case, simply take a moment to fill out our online contact form, and someone from our office will get back to you shortly.

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