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Your children are your most precious possessions. Even the end of your marriage doesn’t change that fact. However, your divorce will almost certainly test many aspects of your relationship with them, as both you and your soon-to-be ex will be forced to confront issues regarding their care and well-being that may be difficult for one or both of you to accept. If the two of you are unable to reach an amicable agreement regarding child support and custody, then you could be facing a potentially long legal battle.

Fighting for Yours and Your Children’s Best Interests

When determining child custody, the courts will always look to rule along the lines of what they believe is in the best interests of your children. Many in Edmonton may believe that there are already preconceived notions that could automatically put you at a disadvantage regarding custody, yet it’s important to understand that even those can be overcome with the right kind of legal help. We’ll argue that yours is the environment best-suited for your children based on a number of supporting factors, including:

• Your ability to allow you children to maintain their same relationships and routines

• Your ability to support them financially

• Your ability to provide for their well-being by providing health, dental insurance, as well as counselling services (if needed)

During your divorce proceedings is not the only time you have to discuss your child custody arrangements. If your circumstances change drastically, we can help you to petition the court to amend your agreement based on your current situation.

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