Child Custody in Fort McMurray

In family law, the battle for child custody and child support is often the most difficult step in any separation. Not only are the wants and needs of the parents important to consider, but so are the wants and needs of the child, or children. At Verhaeghe Law Offices, we'll help your custody battle come to a conclusion that is best for all, especially the minors involved.

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The Best Interests of the Child

As parents it's often necessary to set aside your own desires to do what is best for your child. Our attorneys understand how difficult this can be at times, and work closely with our clients to help them remain selfless throughout the determination of custody rights.

Having a child custody lawyer on your side will help you be armed with the knowledge of the law, and to have a neutral party to advise on smaller as well as larger issues.

The main question that must be answered during a custody hearing is, "What are the best interests of the child?" And together, we will find this out.

Potential Results

There are three potential results of a custody battle. You may be granted sole custody, split custody, or shared custody. Each has its own set of rules.

Sole Custody

When the conclusion of a custody hearing is sole custody, this means that one parent will have full custody over the child or children in question. It is then up to them to allow access and visiting rights to the other parent.

Split Custody

Split custody occurs when there are at least two children involved. The children are essentially split up with one child living with one parent more than 60% of the time and the other living with the other parent more than 60% of the time.

Shared Custody

Shared custody is a situation in which both parents have all children involved 40-60% of the time. This is as close to a 50/50 split as it gets.

Detail-Oriented Child Custody Lawyers

When determining the fate of a child, or children, Verhaeghe Law Offices believe in a detail oriented approach. Much needs to be taken into consideration such as finances, living arrangements, proximity to schools, and the behaviour of each parent.

Whether the conclusion is full custody or shared custody, we will always ensure that child support is arranged and all minors are placed in the best situation possible for their comfort and advancement.

Get Your Questions Answered

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Whether you're just starting divorce proceedings and aren't sure what is involved in a custody battle, or you are ready to start the process immediately, all you need to do is give us a call to get all of your questions answered.